Please Sleep

Obviously when it comes to parenting we are newbies and have no idea what we are doing.  At this point, I am realizing that every baby is different and our baby can sometimes be very high needs but this new factoid makes me feel like an idiot.

Newborns are supposed to nap a lot throughout the day, but nobody ever told me how much or how often.  I just assumed that he would sleep on his own schedule and when he was tired.  That was the case for the first 2-3 weeks when he was very new to the world, and then suddenly he just sort of stopped napping very much.  Turns out that until 6 weeks, he should only be awake for an hour before napping again.  That’s still crazy to me, but I can work on getting him more sleep throughout the day.  I’ve just found out that some babies need to be put to sleep – even when napping.  This really should have been obvious to me since we need to put him to sleep at night, but I just thought daytime sleeping was different.

Today I took a very loose approach to the EASY method from The Baby Whisperer.  I originally disliked this book, but after hearing from other moms I decided to try it on our own terms.  The EASY method is – Eat, Activity, Sleep, and You (meaning time for yourself when the baby sleeps).  Let’s compare days.

Yesterday: eat at 6am, back to sleep, out of bed by 7:30am, eat, crankypants time/eating/crankypants/will not let me put him down all morning time, sleep at 11am for 30ish minutes, and then up for the rest of the afternoon in a horribly sour mood.
Today: eat at 6:30am, sleep at 7am, activity, sleep at 9am, eat, activity, sleep at 11am, eat, activity, slight meltdown with belly discomfort, 3:30 sleep. Even if this day suddenly gets bad, it’s still better than yesterday because I didn’t have to hold a 10 lb. angry baby all day.

So anyway, the moral of my story is that sometimes even when things should be obvious they are not when your brain is clouded from lack of sleep.  Also, it’s awesome to ask for advice from other parents.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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