Say Cheese!

Harrison had 2 baby photo sessions over the weekend.  Typically a newborn photo session is done within 2 weeks of birth so they are really mellow… our baby is almost 4 weeks so he was not so mellow and it was more challenging for everyone.

The first one was with a pair of professional photographers that came out to the house.  They had a lot of really great ideas, and came fully prepared with how to pose the baby and what typically works.  Of course the baby was pretty fussy throughout the entire session, and we took lots of breaks to feed him and change him, and the second they left he fell asleep.  We still have high hopes for the images though, we felt like they were doing a really great job – all things considered.

The second session was with my brother’s girlfriend who is trying to get her photography business off the ground.  We’ve had her do photos for us before and they came out very nice, and a different perspective will be interesting.  Harrison was really good for her being either pleasantly wide awake or totally asleep and maneuverable.  Even Mia got into the whole session – she’s never been interested in the baby before, it was the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen.  She just wanted to cautiously smell him or something.

Two photography sessions probably seem like overkill to the average person, but we really didn’t like our wedding pictures so I’m never going to let that happen again.  I’m totally willing to spend a little bit more money on a product that I can be happy with and use.  We want to be able to hang prints on the walls that we actually like.  The first pair even took pictures of the walls that we plan on using so they could help us find an arrangement that would work well – that’s another thing that we’re really bad at.

Above is a photo from today when we had friends over, and Mia again showed a ton of interest in the baby.  This time it was too much and we had to physically restrain her and keep her away from him.  She was smelling him, sort of nosing him, and just wouldn’t leave him alone so it became concerning.  It’s funny because the second our friends left, she wanted nothing to do with him again.  I’m not sure why having other people here changes the dynamic, but it’s like night and day with her and very strange.

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One Response to Say Cheese!

  1. That's wonderful. I love how you're able to capture these moments on your blog. Could Mia just be overprotective of the baby while folks are visiting? If it becomes of greater concern, definitely check in with the vet. We had two dogs when my first baby was born, and we attended a pet and baby class. It was a stressful week or so until we all got accustomed to the new changes in our lives.

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