Happy Valentines Day – From Us

Happy Valentines Day!
I think that Valentines Day is sort of fun: I like hearts and heart shaped foods, I love pink, I like desserts.  As a romantic holiday, it’s not something we really celebrate like For Real.  In the past we’ve gone out as often as we’ve stayed in and made dinner.  This year is a little different, we have 1 option – stay in and cook something quick and easy, sorry no wine yet, but there will be brownies from a box if everyone is good!

My best boys sent me flowers and chocolates this year – I can’t remember Abe really ever sending me anything before so Harrison must have had this idea.  Maybe he was trying to make up for throwing up on me inside his Ergo carrier yesterday (so gross) or putting me through cluster feeding (so demanding).  Either way, the gifts were really appreciated and I dug into the treats right away.  We were just talking about my / our sweet teeth last night – sweet tooths?  or sweet teeth?  Whatever, we both wanted some chocolate in a bad way.

I’m still waiting for the swelling in my fingers to go down… or for me to lose weight in my hands?  I think at this point 3.5 weeks post delivery that it’s no longer water weight, but it’s probably actual weight that needs to come off… maybe?  Abe’s sister told me that she actually had to have her rings re sized because her fingers never went back to their original size – that scares me, but I’m only a half a size off so hopefully I’ll be Ok.  Once I get there, there will be a nice new celebration ring to add to my collection of fancy jewelry.  I might wear a plastic Timex watch, but insist on wearing as many diamonds as possible.  You can call it a “push gift” or a birthday gift or a Christmas gift, but any way you slice it, it’s coming my way at some point in the future.  Say my fingers remain too fat for a nice ring, then something else sparkly will be added to my collection!  Harrison believes Mom deserves the best : )

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