3 Weeks Old

Harrison is 3 weeks old today.  He’s becoming one of those Older newborns.  I’d love to say that things are getting easier and that he’s better, but that’s sort of the dream.  While we feel less stressed about each situation, he’s actually becoming more complex in his needs.

The gas situation continues.  He was up last night every hour grunting and groaning super loud, and we’ve really decided that this is normal newborn behavior and that it will eventually pass on it’s own – according to all of our internet research.  The mylicon may or may not have helped.  He may or may not have gotten gas from something I was eating.  We just can’t really know either way.  After last night’s marathon grunting session, he seems way less gassy now but is just as fussy as he was yesterday.  So far I’ve been holding up pretty well, sometimes it’s Ok to let him fuss if I have to pee or whatever.  Yesterday, I let myself be a slave to his needs and at the end of the day I was unshowered, exhausted and starving.  Today, I have showered and eaten breakfast so it’s already a better day.  I’m trying to wear him around today to see if that makes a difference, at least until he falls asleep.  Holding him all the time can be tiresome!

Tummy time continues daily, and he’s actually getting better at it.  He can actually lift up his head once or twice during a session, which is far better than the first time he was down on the floor and didn’t move a muscle.  I got these finger puppets to try and get him more engaged, and I think it’s helping his interest level.  He shows little interest in most things for more than a couple of minutes, but it’s still worth the effort.

Feedings are going Ok.  He eats every 2 hours which I would like to become every 3 hours instead.  I’m not sure why he regressed back an hour.  My supply seems like enough, and I think that my body has Finally figured it out and I’m no longer engorged which is major relief.

Sleeping could be a lot better.  It seems like he’s beginning to work out the night and day confusion, but it’s still slow going.  Once he works this out, I’d really like him to move out of our room and into his bedroom.  I think we’ll all sleep better if we’re not constantly listening to his weird sleeping noises and sleep fussing.  He’s waking every 1.5-2 hours during the night and it’s so painful (more now with his gas pains).  We had a few good nights where he went 3 hour stretches, but I feel like that was ages ago, and we’re back to the suffering.    Sometimes I wake up and I feel like only minutes have passed and can’t figure out why he’s fussing or what he wants.  I’m just a total zombie.

Keep growing Little Bear.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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