Tummy Time and a Visitor

Harrison with Auntie Natasha in the cute little outfit that she got for him.  He loves giraffes and elephants… and pooping.

We actually had a better time of it last night.  He was up until around 1:45am and then asleep until around 4:45am.  Both times I was eventually able to nurse him into sleeping, and so I actually got some rest myself.  It was hard to get out of bed this morning, but once I was up and showered, I felt much better today.  Harrison was awake all day and fussy for most of that time.  I’m hoping this means he’ll be tired tonight again.

Today marked our first attempt at Tummy Time.  This activity is so the baby can learn head and neck control by learning to lift his head up.  At 2 weeks old, Harrison has basically no head or neck strength at all and even the idea of tummy time was ridiculous to him.  He made no real attempt at lifting anything but his legs.  We’re going to try this a couple times per day from now on until he can figure this whole thing out.  Maybe he thought I was putting him the wrong way down for a nap or something.

We are preparing ourselves for this little snow storm coming through tomorrow.  Hopefully we don’t lose power, that would be pretty bad for a household with a new baby.  Anything else, we can handle!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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