2 Week Appointment

Harrison’s 2 week doctor’s appointment was today and things are looking great.  Since his first appointment when he was 4 days old he has grown a half an inch (now 20 inches long), and also gained some good weight (now 7 lbs. 9.7 ounces) which means that he’s feeding well and digesting well – although we feel otherwise after being puked on so many times.  His next appointment isn’t until the 2 month mark so it’s understood that he is a healthy baby and things are moving in the right direction.  He even lost his little umbilical cord stub today during the appointment (it was seriously gross) so the next bath will be a big boy bath instead of a soapy wipe down.  This is good, he gets really dirty somehow!  We even did our first diaper change on the go at the office – it went smoother than ever imagined thanks to my very prepared diaper bag.

Last night was another bad night.  It was so bad in fact that Abe couldn’t even fathom going to work today, like nobody got any sleep.  My little bear was up from midnight-3ish and then up again from 4ish-7 fussing.  It was just so utterly painful.  We even tried a pacifier, which is not something that we really wanted to use with him – it didn’t work though, he wanted nothing to do with it.  The doctor says this day/night confusion will eventually pass, I’m not sure that I believe him or all the people that say the same thing on the interwebs.  When does it pass?!  Eventually is a little too open ended for our liking and we’re going insane.  I mean that face is just precious, but in order to function I really do need more than an hour of sleep per night.  We are zombies in the mornings, and btw, I’m still drinking decaf coffee.  Decaf!  Any suggestions or tips are welcome here.

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One Response to 2 Week Appointment

  1. Tiffany says:

    Congrats again on your new addition! For the really tough nights at the beginning, I found that I could strap my little man to me in my moby wrap and bounce a little — he always went right to sleep. I actually did that a few times to get him to sleep when he was a bit older too. =)

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