Ergo Baby

Harrison’s first time in the Ergo!  He sort of looks ridiculous, but I swear he’s comfy and cozy. The sun came out and it was a nice balmy 55 degrees out, so I decided to test out the Ergo and take Harrison for a brief walk around the neighborhood.  I was pleasantly surprised by this little carrier (I have the galaxy grey model plus the infant insert) – and it’s not like I’ve ever used this or the Bjorn before, but I thought this one was really comfortable offering lots of back support and making me feel like the baby was very secure.  Harrison enjoyed himself in it too which was great, hopefully I can use this thing all the time.  He slept through our entire walk even though the sun was out and the wind was blowing.  This kid just loves to sleep when I want him to be awake – and vice versa.  He’ll sleep through anything, except the night time hours.

Speaking of sleep challenges, I just got a couple baby books in the mail.  You’d think that I would have read books like this prior to having a baby in my house, but no, I was too caught up in pregnancy and delivery.  We’ll see how they work out!

In the meantime, my little male model says “Hi”.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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