Another Baby Class

Last night we went to a breast feeding class at the hospital that I will be delivering at.  When this class was booked back in October, I was convinced that I’d never make it this far and would have given birth before being able to attend.  Luckily, that wasn’t the case although I was by far the furthest along of anyone else in my class.  This class was really informative and I would suggest that anyone who plans on breast feeding seek one out!  We learned different positions for breast feeding, how long it typically goes for, what you should do when you run into issues, when you can start pumping, when you start pumping to build up a supply in the freezer before returning to work, etc.  There were so many things that we never would have known about it without this class… like parsley, mint, and sage can deplete your supply and that Sudafed actually completely dries it up.

At the end of the class Abe was like: so when do you sleep??  Apparently for the first 4 weeks, I will not be sleeping much at all because the baby will feed every 2-3 hours but that’s from the beginning of the feeding to the beginning of the next feeding so really, it’s more like every 2 hours…. all day, and you don’t let your baby go for more than 3 hours without eating at first.  You can start pumping at week 4 so that your partner can do feedings for you with a bottle and give you a break.  I already can’t wait for week 4.

Breast feeding is not the easy way to do this, but I strongly feel that it’s the best way.  I wasn’t breast fed as a child, and I turned out just fine, but it’s important to me that I do this for my baby even if it sucks the life out of me.  Breast feeding burns 400-500 calories per day BTW, so there is some benefit for the mother!  I’ve always known that the cost of formula was outrageous, but some people don’t know that so it’s worth mentioning.  The cost of breast pumps may seem crazy $250-$300, but not compared to a year’s worth of even powdered formula.

I didn’t think the child birth class was any good, but the breast feeding class was totally worth it and it was only $35!

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