Nursery Update

We spent a lot of time working on decorating the nursery over the weekend.  I mean there is finally stuff on the walls!
The crib is all set up and ready to go, even though he won’t be in there right away.  I thought that the bear should keep it warm for him though.  You can see the little white video baby monitor sitting on the left side.  The technology is like amazing, you can see crystal clearly in light or in dark and we can speak through the receiving end to the baby if we chose to.  Amazing!

This picture is hanging between two windows, it’s so funny – an elephant flying an airplane.  I got this at during their mega holiday sale.  He has a friend that needs to find a wall as well, which is a giraffe flying a different kind of plane.  Curtains are from Land of Nod and I love them.  The fabric is really nice.  I do have blackout liners for the backs to add at some point so the baby can nap without the sun blaring in, which I’ve heard is super helpful at minimal cost.

We hung this really amazing lion shaped mirror from Pottery Barn Kids over the dresser.  The dresser was supposed to have different knobs.  We’ll end up replacing them at some point to make it more interesting to look at since it’s a bit bland right now.  In lieu of a formal changing table, I opted to put a changing pad on the dresser and one of the top drawers is loaded with diapering supplies.

So the nursery is coming along and almost done for the most part, which is great progress.  Like many things in this house, it’s Mostly done. 

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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