Full Term

37 weeks 1 day, 42 inches around and completely full term.  I could have this baby any day now and he would be fully baked.  At my doctor’s visit on Monday, I found out that things are progressing nicely and I’m going to have the baby before my due date.  Apparently women can walk around practically in labor (but not really) before actually being in labor.  Today at work, a woman who has 3 of her own kids says that she gives me 3 days and the baby will be here this weekend.  I think that is a bit soon.  Abe thinks the 21st (my due date is the 29th) but I think sometime between this weekend and the 21st.

I just realized today that my ankles are now cankles.  I’ve been swollen for a while, but this is taking it to a whole new level of unsettling.  I’ve always had really skinny ankles and now…. they are just like tree trunks.  In fact, I think my legs in general are just a lot bigger these days.  You know what doesn’t hide that?  Leggings.  You know the only bottoms that fit me right now?  Leggings.  Also my pregnancy carpel tunnel?  Yeah it’s progressed, I now can’t feel two of my finger tips.  I only have the weird pregnancy symptoms:

First trimester: night time morning sickness, inability to drink water, inability to eat much of anything, dizziness, instant stomach bloating, acne explosion, sensitivity to smells
Second trimester: night time morning sickness 3 weeks in, beginning of pelvic pain, desire for Big Macs, Braxton Hicks, calf cramps at night, numb left thigh
Third trimester: pelvic pain and pressure like really bad, no exercising allowed, carpel tunnel with numb fingertips, swelling of hands and feet (and now ankles), mini skin tags, constant sinus stuffiness, anemia, weird sharp sensations behind my belly button, nonstop back pain, peeing like 3 times per night, waddling, and most recently the intense urge to nest

As fearful as I am about child birth, I’m really looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.  I am sure people say this all the time, but I’m truly still not sure that I can do this again.  Women say that their bodies are made for this, but I’m 100% convinced that my body was not in fact made for this at all.  It was overall not a very good pregnancy seeing as I was either super sick or unable to do much of anything with my pelvic pain for 8 of the 9 months.  We went to Hawaii at just the right time in October, since it was all way downhill after that.

This is probably when the countdown begins.  In a couple short weeks I will be working on losing the baby weight and freaking out about all things baby and like how different life is.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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