Power Nesting

My nesting urge is really crazy, like unlike anything that I’ve ever felt before.  I spent Hours on Saturday cleaning and organizing and preparing all on my feet when it’s super uncomfortable to stand around these days, it was like I couldn’t stop doing it.  I should have been sitting on the couch with my feet up or something, but no, my body urged me to continue on.  I organized the pantries, cleaned out an entire cabinet of stupid kitchen stuff and put more important stuff in there, threw out 4 bags of trash (most of it expired or stupid food things and like 800 plastic bags from the grocery store), tossed old tupperware and organized the tupperware disaster, ordered a mirror for the nursery, relocated all the stupid shit that had been piling into the laundry room that had nothing to do with laundry (um, paint supplies?), and other stupid stuff that nobody would be able to see but had to be done.  I also got a pedicure in a hurry and a prenatal massage – the massage wasn’t very good, the pedicure was excellent.      

I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night so I figured that today would be a lot less productive and a lot more low key.  I was wrong.  My nesting urge continued!  By 9:15am I was out the door.  First stop was Target where I picked up a couple organizing things, gift wrap, cleaning supplies, new bath mats for the guest bathroom, and the usual random stuff.  I ran into Home Depot, got what I needed and waddled out in a hurry.  Home Depot is always my least favorite spot to visit, but now we can get rid of the last of the shiny gold light switch face plate thingies in our entryway.  Every time I look at them, they burn a hole into my brain, that’s how bad they are.  The last time I went to Buy Buy Baby looking for a body pillow, I almost lost it, but it was better this time.  I think I understand the layout of the store a little bit more or it was just somehow less traumatizing.  I had to pick up a baby shower gift and I had an in-store coupon, somehow this took me forever but I’m glad that I tried the store again instead of just ordering from the website and paying for shipping when it’s like 5 miles away.  I got to look at a bunch of stuff for us as well, which was very helpful.  Lastly, I went to Costco and told myself that it was going to be fast and furious with only the essentials coming home with me – meaning toilet paper, paper towels, water, and chicken.  A couple other things made it into my cart, but it really was the quickest Costco trip in history for me.  I didn’t even stop to grab any samples!  The nesting continues at home, I have a lot more stuff to get done, it’s just a ton of little things here and there.

If that wasn’t enough already, I took the dog to a gated playground for the first time ever today.  We give her a lot of attention, but on the weekends her activity level is pretty low so I decided to give this a shot since I can’t just go out and walk her right now.  Since it’s the winter, I wouldn’t expect kids to be there or anything.  The good news is that Mia loved it and it was perhaps the best 30 minutes of her entire weekend.  She pounced around really enjoying life and I felt good for giving her the chance to get out of the house, even though she had a walk earlier in the morning with her buddy down the street.  The slightly bad news was that the parking lot was a giant sheet of ice.  I hit a snowbank going 1mph in my Jeep while parking, and then getting out of the car both of us were sliding all over the place.  It was well worth it though.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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