New Things

I got a haircut yesterday, try to ignore my tired face since it’s like 6:30am.  The first day back after vacation is a bitch, the second day is a slightly less ugly bitch with more traffic.  The stylist took like 4 inches off my hair and added back the side bangs that I spent so much time growing out last year because they somehow shape my face better than without and I could use a few favors these days.  You’re probably thinking, “big freaking deal”, well yeah people get haircuts all the time.  However, I only get like 3 per year so this was a big day!  My goal was to make my appointment as close to my due date as possible while still being able to walk over to the salon from work (2 indoor blocks + 3 outdoor blocks).  I made it there and back on the coldest day of the year in a jacket that had no chance of zipping up, but just barely.  It was worth it though.  This baby is sitting so ridiculously low, it still amazes me that he’s low yet he’s kicking me constantly up in my ribs.  I think they must be mistaken, he feels pretty huge to me.

Today was my last day taking meetings outside of the office.  I just don’t want to be far from the car, Abe, or have something super embarrassing happen.  I was rushing to get to my meeting this afternoon, and I probably should have left about 5-10 minutes earlier so I’m practically running through the parking garage.  Now I understand why my doctor told me that it wasn’t worth it to bother exercising with pelvic pain.  I felt awful after, like all around and this was only a few moments out of the day that put me into lots of discomfort.  Oh well, last time I have to do that.  I’m getting another pregnancy massage on Saturday, my brother gave me a gift card and I’m really excited.

The baby furniture was delivered today (and assembled not by us, thank the lord).  The dresser is perfect, but the crib seems a lot bigger than I remember it or the room is somehow a lot smaller.  Everything fits just fine, it was just surprising.  We got a convertible crib, so it is slightly bigger looking than a regular one maybe?  I have linens in the wash right now, so once I get it all set up I’ll share a few pics.  I recently learned that you should use gentle baby detergent, like who would think that?  I went with the Method baby detergent because there was a massive sale on all Method products at about a month ago so I stocked up.  Our next real task is figuring out the car seat… it’s currently still in the box.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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