36 Weeks and Happy New Year!

Probably the worst photos yet but it’s been a few weeks since I had any at all (I kind of look 16 and pregnant in the first one somehow).  These photos were taken yesterday where I am 36 weeks on the dot, and 42 inches around.  I grew 2 inches in just 3 weeks, which seems shocking to me, like a major growth spurt.  This is probably why I feel so huge, because I actually am much bigger.  I blame Christmas and Christmas vacation style eating, there was more fast food than I would like to admit in there.  I know that I’ve lost all control of my eating habits.  My body just wants to eat what it wants and while I attempt to throw in an apple and a yogurt here and there, the bulk of what is being consumed is controlled by the baby.  He really likes Virgil’s root beer for example and he still hates vegetables unless disguised.  A delicious micro brewed root beer is not something that has ever been on my radar before, but he just loves it and luckily it’s on the healthier side for a soda (and no caffeine).  The only thing that fits right now are maternity leggings, Uggs, sneakers, Abe’s hoodies, and open cardigans.  I’m not kidding, nothing else even comes close to fitting.  My maternity pants and jeans are all way too small now and I’m not about to size up 4 weeks from delivery, also it sort of really stings to have to size up twice in one pregnancy.

One of the reasons that I didn’t want to have a baby until I turned 30 was because my biggest fear in life was and still is childbirth.  I’m deathly afraid of open water swimming under certain circumstances, scary roller coasters, parasites, and childbirth.  I was thinking about it yesterday and I actually got a bit teary eyed out of pure fear.  It wasn’t like a happy anticipation, it was like an “Omg, I’m not sure I can get through it without having a nervous breakdown.”  There isn’t anything that makes it any less scary to me.  I thought that if I educated myself more about it, and really learned every single thing about it and what happens right after that I may feel better.  Um, no, don’t do that!  I am going to try and just relax and trust that the doctors will take care of the bulk of it and hopefully I won’t feel a majority of it… they may be the wrong mindset, but I’d rather put this into someone else’s hands somehow.

This year for NYE after working a half day, we had an awesome dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Sam’s at Louis with friends.  We were home well before midnight so that we could count down with Mia and I could sit with my feet up – this was a good plan.  It was freezing outside, and the couch was way more comfortable.

2012 was a busy year for us where not much actually happened, but a lot did at the same time.  We went on a family visit to Orlando for my mother and father and law’s 70th birthdays.

We did a ton of home decorating and minor home improvements.  Sometimes it feels like we did nothing because most of our walls are still bare, but at this point almost all of our windows are dressed so that’s a big step!  Abe orbed our hideous gold chandelier, fixed a shower, repaired our shed that had a tree fall on the roof, and added a supporting leg under the deck.  We are in the middle of converting from oil to gas which is a pretty major project, but very little actual work on our end luckily.

I got pregnant in May.  Goodbye thin shapeless body.  I feel like I’m looking at a totally different person.

We went to Bar Harbor, Maine over Labor Day weekend to see our friend’s tie the knot.  It’s one of our favorite places to visit even though it’s a long and tedious car ride up there.  I ate pancakes like 4 times at my favorite breakfast joint to make up for it.

We went on our babymoon to Maui in October where we did way more on a vacation than we ever have.  This will be the last Big vacation that we go on for a while and we made the most of it.  Everyone should go on a babymoon in the second trimester, take advantage of that time together even if it’s just a long weekend because the first trimester is horrible and the third trimester is horrible in a different way.

I had baby showers thrown by friends.  I’m still trying to figure out where to put everything that was gifted.  Don’t worry, that giant bear has a home.


And we had our last Christmas as a couple without a child.  It will never be this lazy or quiet around here again.  Even the dog was struck at how low key it was.

May 2013 be even better.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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