35 weeks and 3 days. I’m so effing pregnant.

35 weeks 3 days, and a million inches around.  At today’s doctor’s appointment I learned that the baby is 5 pounds and 10 ounces, which is the 38th percentile (50th percentile is considered average) so he’s on the smaller side, but there is still 5 more weeks to grow.  Babies will typically put on close to a half a pound per week from now till the end.  His only job right now is to fatten up, my only job is to hang in there.

I’m so heavy right now that my feet hurt.  Like the ball of my right foot has a constant sharp pain every single time I take a step.  If I walk around for a bit, then both of my feet get really sore… and we’re not talking like an hour, we’re talking like 30 minutes.  My body is just not wanting to support this weight.  I sleep on my right side, and in the morning I wake up with such bad right hip pain from sleeping on it all night that I can’t get back to sleep.  The joints in my hands are painful, this is apparently a normal pregnancy symptom.  My doctor said it’s pregnancy carpel tunnel – weird.  I can barely use a pen to write, luckily my typing is unaffected.  Those are all my newest and most fun pregnancy symptoms.

I’m also very distracted.  I wouldn’t call it pregnancy brain, I’m really just thinking about everything else except what I should be thinking about.  For example, today I wished one of my best friends a happy birthday…. her birthday is Tomorrow!  I thought today was the 29th, and of course it is not.  The other day at the grocery store, Abe pointed out this new meat counter to me.  Yesterday, I went to the store myself and came home and told him about the new meat counter that I saw… yeah, I seriously don’t think I even listened to him previously.  I just can’t seem to concentrate, and I’m also very tired, so maybe it is pregnancy brain.

We’ve been doing a little bit more preparing for the baby.  The baby room is now cleared out of anything non-nursery related.  I got out the pack and play and decided that while I really did want to try and live simply and not buy excessive stuff that we don’t truly need – the pack and play was just too big for our room to not be an inconvenience.  It will be great for playing or traveling, but it just isn’t going to work for us as a pre-crib bed.  These days, I do not want to be inconvenienced in the least so I ordered a mini-cosleeper by Arm’s Reach from Amazon and we slightly adjusted our furniture to make room for it.  It basically looks like a smaller pack and play, but it’s a very mini bassinet that goes right up against your bed to make breast feeding less of a hassle.  The dimensions are very convenient, and it was $125 which sounds like a lot, but baby stuff is really expensive so in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t bad.  I can always re-use it for another baby, or consign it later.  These things seem to be really popular.

I got a pregnancy massage last weekend and my back felt amazing for a good 24 hours before going back to feeling tight and painful.  I was really hoping that it would last a little longer than that, but 1 day of relief is still better than none.  I probably should have been getting these more often, so I totally suggest that women in their third trimester go for massages regularly instead of once in a blue moon.  It may help save your sanity.  My sanity was lost on day 1.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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