Christmas for 3

Our last Christmas as a family of 3.  Probably our last low key Christmas for the next 20 years!  Holidays do tend to be on the more boring side when it’s just us and if it’s a non-travel year like this one.  We alternate traveling either for Thanksgiving or for Christmas since Abe’s family is all over the place.  The idea of that is sort of a serious adjustment for me because I always grew up waking up in my own bed on Christmas morning and unwrapping gifts under our own tree… it’s such a different concept to me to not have that experience.  

The last time our tree will have this few presents underneath that’s for sure.  We’re going to have to get used to assembling things and keeping batteries on hand.

I never make homemade gifts for people because I have very little free time on my hands and no patience whatsoever.  This year, I decided that I could try just 1 thing so infusing vodka sounded like the fewest amount of steps and time necessary since most of it takes care of itself.  I hope it came out well, I really have no idea, but it’s very pretty to look at.  Loads of cranberries, and sugar cooked up together until the sugar is melted and the cranberries are slightly cooked, and then put into a giant jug with vodka while it infused together for 3 days before I strained it into these mason jars adding just a few cranberries so people knew what it was (the cranberries will be bitter if eaten so it’s best to keep most of them out).  My mother had no idea what to do with this of course.  Drinking is certainly one of her hobbies, but infusions are totally new to her… I bet she doesn’t even try it!  Personally, I would pour some over a bunch of ice and add some tonic water.

Mia got more presents that I did this year.  She got a stuffed reindeer, a crocodile, an elephant, a gigantic kong ball shaped like a bone, 3 new Nylabones, and Dentachews.  She is obviously the most spoiled dog on the block right now and she’s really loving those gifts.  We kept her home with us for 4 days straight over the weekend and Christmas, which is the longest stretch that any of us can tolerate.  Last night she threw up animal stuffing in the office (it wouldn’t be Christmas unless she had 1 disaster in the house).  This morning we took her to daycare since we have plans for most of the day and she’s never been so thrilled to leave us before.  She was squealing with joy in the car, typical teenager all sulking at home and can’t wait to get away from her parents to hang out with her friends.

We have some exciting stuff going on today while we wind down and take advantage of our time off.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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