All I Want For Christmas Is Sleep

For the first time ever, the baby woke me up Thursday night.  Usually, I will already be awake and then I’ll feel him start to move.  Because of this wake up call, mom was awake since 3:45am.  I got up, went downstairs and turned on a little light in the family room and hung out.  Around 4:30am I made a bowl of cereal and drank some juice because my body thought it was time to eat since I had been awake for a while.  My dog, who sleeps in a pretty posh crate in our office knew that I was up and didn’t even care.  She just wanted to be left alone to sleep in the comfort of her cozy den so I was all on my own.  It was probably better that way since it was pouring out and I would have had to take her outside to use the facilities. I snuck back into bed around 6:30am when I would expect Abe to be rising, and fell back to sleep until around 8am thankfully but it wasn’t really quality sleep. I’m used to getting up multiple times per night to go to the bathroom, but waking up that early and staying up is killer.

Friday night, I woke up at 3am to a coughing fit (I’ve been recovering all week from a cold) and night sweats and since I couldn’t stop coughing after an hour I just got up to let Abe sleep.  Plus, I really couldn’t get back to sleep and I was still really hot.  It’s really annoying these days because there are really only two positions that I can sleep in: on my right side or my left side, and sometimes all you want to do is sleep on your back or your stomach but you can’t so you just aren’t very comfortable.

There is some good news though – the baby furniture has come in and will be delivered right after the new year, which I think is perfect timing.  We are getting our rugs cleaned right after Christmas, so it all works out nicely.  It might also stop my mother from asking me every single time I talk to her, “so when is the furniture coming in?”  Now she can move on to another nagging question to torture me with nonstop.  My prediction is: “When do you think the baby will come?”  Answer: “sooner than later”.

Also, a quick sidenote… it probably makes no sense for someone who is pregnant to be infusing vodka for Christmas gifts right?  Well this sleep deprived person thought it would be a fantastic idea.  Cranberry vodka is currently infusing as I type – no idea how it tastes, but it looks really pretty!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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