Smaller is Better

I went to the doctor today for a typical visit.  The further you get along, the more information they can give you.  Today, I learned that even though people are constantly making really rude comments to me about my size, this baby is actually measuring under the 50th percentile.  The 50th percentile would be considered average baby size, so my baby is actually slightly smaller than normal. When I go for my ultrasound in 2 weeks, they will be able to tell me more accurately but he said that I should listen for the percentile and not the estimated weight of the baby because it’s just more accurate and meaningful.  He also said that if the baby was born next week, he would be totally fine, but I should try to keep him in for another month.  I strongly feel like the baby has already moved into position facing head down based on the pressure that I’m feeling sometimes, and I asked him to check for me (he just patted around my belly) – he agreed that the head was positioned at the bottom, but that he could move again from now until January.   

This baby needs his furniture to arrive and a name.  Both would be very helpful in the next few weeks!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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