Birthing Class and Christmas Decor

Yesterday we took a birthing class at the hospital that I will be delivering at.  I’m not sure why I signed up for this, I guess being a first time mom I thought this would really help educate me in my options.  In the first hour we were there, we watched a short video of women giving birth.  One of them, you actually saw it all happen – in the worst possible way, it was gross and it was messy and awful.  I Was Traumatized.  Most of the class was structured around pain management and methods to relax and positions to deliver in.  Um, I don’t need any of that bullshit because I am not doing a natural child birth so I spent maybe 4 hours listening to how people can breath and visualize stuff… please, that was time wasted.  When you get an epidural there is 1 position that you can deliver in because you can’t feel your legs, so you can’t do any of the squatting or the leaning on stuff or like whatever. We spent maybe 20 minutes discussing medical interventions – meaning all kinds of pain medications.  I felt a little better when the nurse said that they hardly ever do episiotomies anymore (when they cut you) at that hospital, and instead they let nature take care of itself… either you tear on your on or you don’t, but it will heal better that way she said.  After all the videos that we watched (all of them focused around natural delivery) I’ve never felt more strongly that an epidural is for me.  I was Really Really Truly disturbed about what I saw and all of that is my biggest nightmare – I didn’t sign up for that.  At the end of the day, the baby just needs to come out, it doesn’t matter how so I have no plans on being in agony for 18 hours.

There was also a very useful birthing center tour where we saw where to go when we arrive, what the delivery rooms look like, and then the recovery rooms (pretty effing nice).  The tour was probably the most useful part of the long day.  On the tour, you’d think that maybe people would be scurrying around and there would be lots of babies in the nursery.  Yesterday, there weren’t any babies in the nursery and nobody was in the middle of giving birth.  It was Really quiet.  I guess a bunch of families were discharged earlier that day.  We did get to see one new baby, and she actually was super cute and so tiny.  

Besides learning about all the ways I won’t be giving birth, we were able to get a Christmas tree finally yesterday night.  I know that we’re not late in this area, but if we didn’t get one last night then it wasn’t going to happen at all so I’m glad that it worked out.  This tree is massive… like almost 9 feet tall.  I finally found those stockings that I was looking for too.  They were in some totally random cardboard box in the basement – good thinking, of course that would be a great place to store them.

Also, my family likes to pretend that I am a completely handicapped person (pregnant or not) and that I can’t do anything on my own.  It’s really annoying.

Conversation with my mother on the phone…
Mom: Why don’t you have dad come by to put up your Christmas lights.
Me: I’m going to try to do it myself first, I mean it’s only 2 bushes.
Mom: What?  You can’t do that yourself in the way that you are (meaning pregnant I’m guessing).
Me: Why? They’re not that tall, I can do it.
Mom: You’re going to need a ladder, you can’t do that!
Me: OMG, I’m going to do it, I’ll take care of it.

2 hours later.
Dad calls…
Dad: Do you want me to come over and put up your lights?
Me: No, I just did it.  It only took me 30 minutes for the 2 bushes, it’s all done.
Dad: WHAT?  How did you do it?  Were you standing on a ladder?
Me: No, the bushes aren’t as tall as you guys think they are.  It was no big deal!

Honestly, just WTF.  I think I did a really good job.  The bushes aren’t symmetrical or anything – we plan on taking them out in the spring and putting in new landscaping around the house anyhow.  The lights themselves are pretty darn good though… and um, ignore the fact that only one of the lantern things decided to light up.  We have continuous issues with those stupid things.

I think that this is basically the extent of our holiday decorating effort.  There is a little bit more to set up in the house, but the bigger stuff is now all done and I can move on to bigger problems – like the fact that overnight every single one of my bras is way too small including my newer nursing bras.  I need to go try some on tomorrow, like this can’t wait even 1 day longer.

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