This Week’s Stupid Challenge

Ok, I’ve been having a crazy amount of Braxton Hicks contractions.  Usually they appear when I’m walking around, but they do sometimes happen when I’m sitting down.  I read that if I stay hydrated that could help them, so I’m going to try that tomorrow.  I mean, I didn’t feel dehydrated or anything but I wasn’t paying attention to how much water I was drinking either.  They are totally irregular and not progressing, so I really believe everything is normal.  I’ll call the doctor tomorrow if I’m still having lots of them even after I super hydrate and time them.

I decided to try something new this week: do 1 productive thing each night.  As I’m sure you all know, I have a long annoying commute.  After my commute, I pick up the dog at daycare, feed her, take her out, make dinner, eat, clean up, and then it’s way later that I would like.  Obviously that sucks.  This week, I have a little more flexibility so I don’t want to just piss away this opportunity to get some stuff done.

Last night, I broke down no less than 10 cardboard boxes in preparation for next week’s recycling.  You think – oh no big deal?  It was a big effing deal, the boxes were taking over the house due to large baby gift deliveries and stuff like that.  I’m just trying to stay ahead of it because there are a lot more to come with our online Christmas shopping.

My task this evening was to hang our stockings on the mantel.  I went into the Christmas storage box to dig them out for our new stocking holders, but they somehow nowhere to be found!  I really can’t figure out where in the world they went, they were brand new last year.  The old stocking holders are also missing in action.  I guess that didn’t really work out.  Instead, I sorted all of the baby gifts into category so I can better figure out where to put everything.  I have no idea where everything is going to go, omg.  This was a really good use of my time though, and things look a little less chaotic now that everything is organized and laid out on the dining room table instead of in multiple rooms all in bags.  Baby Steps.

I’m usually a very productive weekend person, but bringing it to the work week evenings is a whole new concept that I’m unsure about.  I should probably get used to it instead of wasting time on the couch doing nothing!    

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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