Daycare – Check

Good news!  We found a daycare for the baby when he arrives after the new year, I sent in our application yesterday.  The bad news is that it’s full until July, but that actually may not be horrible.  We will look into getting a nanny for a few months until then which actually may be a nice transition back into working for me.  We really loved this daycare, it’s a school instead of a daycare center so it has a much different vibe, and they only have 7 infants in a “class” at a time, which is why it’s always sort of full.  They offer school from infant – Kindergarten and then even summer programs for young school aged kids, which are all structured.  They had good security too, which is something that I had never given much thought around but at least they have something in place around safety.  We toured two different places and we loved the first one and really really hated the second one, it was like night and day.  The second one we hated was actually more expensive too, which made no sense at all since the hours were the same and they seemed to have a lot less to offer… sort of an old school method of thinking.  Even if we hadn’t seen the much more awesome place first, we still would have hated this other daycare center.  While there are more than 2 daycares in our town, we loved the first one so much that we were comfortable signing up right away.

I was completely against daycare a year ago, but since then I’ve learned a lot about what they can do for a child’s development.  A nanny would be able to give 100% of her attention to the baby at all times, but unless you have an amazing nanny then you don’t really know what they are doing all day. At this school even the infants have a loosely organized schedule of activities for the day and I would receive a report of everything that happened throughout the day – how much and often he eats, diapers, what activities he participated in, naps, and then more memorable moments.  They also make sure to take photos for you, which I think is important since working parents tend to miss a lot of those.  I get excited when a photo from my dog’s daycare comes through, so I imagine that baby photos will be even more special.

This is a huge relief for me, having 1 solid decision made that I’m very happy with for after the baby is born is nice.  I really don’t enjoy the “let’s wait and see” status around everything else, it makes me squirm, but like that’s just how it is for most things.  

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