30 Weeks and 5 Days

30 Weeks 5 Days and 39 inches around – no photos this week.  A shower didn’t happen and I just wasn’t feeling it, but I look the same I’m sure!  My mind must be obsessing about labor and delivery because it’s all I dreamt about last night.  I woke up at least 4 times and each time I fell back to sleep my dream was about me going into unexpected labor.  I know that you’re not supposed to sleep on your back at this point, and sometimes I wake up because I’m on my back and it’s So uncomfortable and painful that I have to go back onto my side.  I’m not sure why and I can’t even explain it, but it’s probably my body telling me that it’s not good.  Also, I am peeing like all the time.  Every 10 minutes, I really have to go, and I’m going like 2 times per night now.  I’m also really thirsty, but only when eating.  At dinner I’ll go through like 3 tall glasses of water with my meal, and then I feel like I’m floating.  My back pain is still with me.  It’s like back/butt pain, and it comes and goes.  The more I move around, the more it hurts.  My pelvis pain is also still with me.  I’ve officially out grown my go-to black flat riding boots that I’ve been wearing to work with leggings due to swelling.  I am not sure what to do now, I need new shoes but I don’t have the patience to go try any on with the crazy early holiday shoppers.  I may just wear my sneakers for a couple weeks, like who would say anything to me?

It’s been so nice to be home since Wednesday, having 5 days off in a row is such a gift.  We got a lot done around the house, but somehow barely did a thing at the same time.  The nursery is officially painted: walls, ceiling, trim – done.  I’m really happy with how it came out.  We had to move the bed back in there though since we’re having guests this coming weekend.  I painted our master bathroom ceiling while Abe did some leaf blowing in the yard yesterday.  The ceiling has been on our list of to-dos for like 6 months now or more, so I decided to get it done before storing away all the paint supplies.  Abe repaired the shower in the guest bathroom.  I’m glad that he was able to figure it out, I would have not been happy about hiring a plumber for a simple repair especially since we needed it done asap.  This is also a really great skill, we’re working on trying to do things on our own.  We now have curtain rods in all windows in the family room, and the rest of the curtains will be joining them later this week.  Matching Christmas lights are ordered for outside – last year we waited too long and none of them matched, it looked too ridiculous to even turn on.  I stocked up on baby friendly cleaning supplies because I’m crazy and one of my fears was that I wouldn’t get around to buying baby laundry detergent or whatever and then I’d have to explain to my dad that I needed him to go to the store to buy something that specific and nobody wants to have that annoying conversation with him.

I have also ordered a few breast feeding related items that I’ll want if we do need to visit the hospital anytime soon.  I plan to start my Go Bag next weekend so I’m getting all my thoughts in order about what should really be in there, 31 weeks isn’t super early for that.  There are a lot of different lists online of what you should be packing, but the most important stuff is: car seat, breast pump and related items, toiletries, an outfit for the baby to go home in, and clothing for you to stay comfortable and warm.  Mia’s Go Bag is ready though.  I have 4 meals with treats packed for her in her lunchbox with instructions for her daycare/boarding.  I’ll probably just drop the bag off there at some point after the new year, but we’ll just hold onto it until then.  Anyhow, as simple as it sounds there is still a lot to prepare for I guess or I just still feel far from prepared in general.

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