Turkey Day Feasting and Buying

Happy Thanksgiving.
I ate my weight in green bean casserole and apple crisp.  I wasn’t really into the turkey, potatoes, sausage stuffing, rolls, mac and cheese, or anything else – it was unusual.  Hours later, I was still amazingly full though – like super uncomfortable.  I kept thinking to myself: omg, if I went into labor tonight… I’d have a Thanksgiving dinner in my stomach… omg, please no.  Totally TMI.  I’ve been having a lot of intense back pain over the past couple of days, it comes and goes and I don’t like it.  So now every little thing that happens, I’m like: is this early labor?  What is this?!

I think about giving birth a lot these days because it’s only 10 weeks away, and I happen to know a few people who went earlier than this.  Everyone says that you can never really be prepared, and I believe them.  I have read 3 birth stories in the past month or so, and omg, they were all really traumatizing.  2 were drug free, 1 was mostly drug free, and all were Horrific.  Details were not spared.  I really really need to stop reading this stuff, or do I?  Is it better to expect the absolute worst and be pleasantly surprised, or to not have a clue and be shocked half to death?  I have also read 1 mostly nice birth story, it was actually a vlog, but it was like the 4th child or something so I just don’t think you can compare #4 to #1 accurately.  A coworker just told me that by the time she had her 3rd child, “it was like shooting out a rocket.”  Once she was in push mode, it took less than 3 minutes.  Crazy.  I am not counting on that kind of situation.  Probably the biggest reason I kept waiting to have kids was my fear of child birth.  I’m sort of getting over it because I just tell myself that it’s a finite period of time, like it really won’t last a week or anything.

Yesterday was filled with food for the most part, but I also did a little online shopping.  Carters.com had a 50% off sale (baby clothing) so I got 5 multi-season outfits and some socks for $56.  Who could resist that kind of a deal? Buying baby clothing is way more fun when it’s on sale.  That’s all that I bought though.  Today, I bought some Method cleaning products on Soap.com because Method was 30% off and I had a $10 off coupon.  There was also free shipping (it’s arriving tomorrow!) and I really needed dish soap but I am too lazy to go to the store.  It was a win/win.  I mean Method dish soap for $2.79… yeah, I’ll take that.  I know that makes me seem really old to celebrate a discounted soap like that, but I think I pay around $7 for that same thing at the nicer grocery store near me.  Plus, this was a good opportunity for me to buy baby laundry detergent and stain remover.  Why does one need special baby laundry detergent?  I don’t know, they just do… and it was a lot more expensive at other places.  I think that my shopping is done for today – or that’s what I’m thinking Right Now.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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