The Shopping Has Begun

Christmas shopping.  It’s On.  I was reading about how the retail trends have turned so that deep discounts used to be released the day after Christmas and in more recent years those same deals are seem prior to the holiday.  From what I saw today out in the mall, I would agree.  I just happen to work in an office that’s above a mall, so I get to see sales and stuff even when I’m not trying to.  For the first time in history, I bought holiday gifts before Thanksgiving even.  Yes, I totally realize how insane that sounds, but they were relatively small but useful items for practically pocket change.  I got really good deals.  Like 40% off plus 15% off of inexpensive things to begin with.  I think that my Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte was more expensive than a couple of the items that I picked up today.

Christmas shopping can be so fun sometimes, but it can also be a massive headache.  Ordering and shipping gifts to my 8 nieces and nephews around the country kills me.  It’s just hard to choose things for kids you only see 2-3 times per year, but you still want to be the cool aunt and uncle.  I have 2 second cousins that I always buy for as well, and now that I think about it… I haven’t seen them in over a year.  That’s really bad… they only live 10 minutes away!  So all in all, we buy gifts for 16 family members at least (not including each other or Mia).  Yeah, I know.  That seems obscene especially since we’ll have our own child to buy gifts for soon.  I would really like to lessen that load somehow, but it’s hard to say: oh no gifts this year guys.  So anyhow… people should probably stop expecting stuff from me, I guess that’s all I’m saying.  Our family has too many kids!  Other people have this problem, right?  What are the cool things to buy this year anyhow?  There are only so many holidays that I can continuously buy Legos for.  I wish someone would do like an Oprah’s favorite things for kids under the age of 10, that would be really useful right about now.

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