29 Weeks 4 Days, Slow Progress

29 weeks 4 days and 38 inches around.  Well the good news here is that I passed my 3 hour glucose screening test, so I don’t have gestational diabetes.  That’s a nice little relief, I really was starting to think that it was possible that I could have it.  I just picked up my iron supplement today, so I will begin on that tomorrow.  All of my regular discomforts remain: pelvic pain, pinched nerve in my back… which actually is now in my butt so it’s sciatica I believe, just everything really.  Just being is uncomfortable.  I feel exhausted all the time, like my battery never gets charged past 70% but I am still expected to do everything that I normally do during the day.  I know that’s expected, but it’s still frustrating that I can’t keep up and that I really get very little relief.

I think that I’m supposed to be packing my “go bag” soon (they recommend that you have it packed by 35 weeks).  I have no idea what to put into that – sure they have lists online for this sort of thing.  I mean, I really feel like the chances of me even being able to grab the bag are going to be slim.  I have this feeling like I’m going to be at work or something and it just won’t be possible.  I need to pack my dog’s overnight bag with meals so that she can either stay at daycare overnight or someone will come pick her up to board there for a few days.  I’m concerned about the dog, I want to make sure that she is taken care of and she’s sort of a handful so not just anyone can come tend to her.  

The nesting is coming along.  Our family room now has curtains in it, which is like a major step… I mean 4 hung rods and 8 hung drapes, that’s a lot for us to handle… maybe not to normal people, but to us.   I don’t know what is so hard about putting up curtains but it was basically impossible for us.  The kitchen window and half bathroom window also now have valances that I had my mom make with fabric I picked out online (big money saver and it only took her 30 min. per valance).  I recommend buying drape fabric here at Warehouse Fabrics Inc.  It is really nice quality and has a nice modern selection.  We don’t have any cool fabric stores out where we live so online is the best option.  Also, I’m realizing that “something” really is often better than nothing especially when it comes to windows.  A room just looks way more naked without something there.

The baby room painting still isn’t done, but is getting there.  Our hard deadline for this is next weekend since we will actually need the room after that to use for guests.  Abe actually ran out of ceiling paint today, so that’s the main reason for this last delay but it’s going.  Yes, this room is taking a century to complete – we get it.  I did order a night light/lamp for late night feedings today though (I’m really into bunnies):

It happened to be on sale at Pottery Barn Kids today while I was looking at other night lights.  This one was my favorites from the beginning, so I just decided to take the plunge at the better price and return it later in store if I change my mind.  I like the idea of having a very soft, light for when I’m nursing at an ungodly hour… also, it’s just really cute.

Now, we just need to make it through Thanksgiving and we can move on to touring day cares and waiting for the furniture to arrive.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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