I Get It

I had a lot of people comment on my hugeness today at work.  Like, not even the regulars, like lots and lots of people that I hardly ever talk to.  It was really disturbing!  Then someone goes and tells me how she knew a woman who got so big that she couldn’t drive anymore because her belly stuck out so much that she had to move the seat back and then her feet couldn’t reach the peddles and she was 5’7″.  I was horrified.  She stared at my belly as she told me this story.  Then she told me that I was going to be really Huge because I’m already really huge.  She’s lucky that I like her, because I did not appreciate any of that.  Like I KNOW!  Someone is going to have to wheel barrel me to work pretty soon, like from the parking garage.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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