26 Weeks and 4 Days. Purple People Eater.

Ok not the most flattering shirt… sometimes rouching is good in maternity clothing sometimes it’s less than good.  Anyhow, 26 weeks and 4 days and 38 inches around.  A few less than desirable things have happened this week.  One is kind of gross, so I’m not even going to get into it… hopefully it doesn’t stick around too much longer because it’s scaring me.  Also, my feet are swollen – not like noticeably to other people, but enough so that all my work shoes are too tight.  I don’t need to wear heels all day or anything but I do for meetings.  I really think that there should be a shoe specifically made for this situation.  Like my feet are swollen, they do not fit well into anything besides sneakers, but I just need something comfortable and professional to wear for a few hours that aren’t $100 otherwise I will want to kill someone.  I have been taking my shoes off under my desk for the most part, but it’s just not enough.  My pelvis is still fucking killing me… to the point of insanity.  Yesterday, I had a meeting 3 blocks away from my office so I had a couple of big bags of presentations and stuff, plus I was walking in very low heel boots that were too tight.  I walked there, and then to the Back Bay train station to go to Abe’s office to get my car… so maybe like 10 minutes to the meeting weighed down, and then 15 minutes to the car (with a pit stop at Au Bon Pain for a large orange Fanta… I don’t even know).  I could barely even walk without major sharp pain for the rest of the evening, it just hurts to move my lower body.  I was basically laid up on the couch unable to move, and not even my dog would comfort me (she was passed out on our bed) – also our Fios On Demand wouldn’t let me watch The Help.  This was not a good week!  It was not much better for Abe – work is trying to crush him to death.  We need to put Mia to work – not that she really has any skills.

There are a lot of storm preparations going on in this household for Sandy – scheduled to hit indirectly tomorrow.  Abe got a leaf blower to get all the leaves out of the yard so rain could drain properly – unfortunately, the leaves continue to fall at an impressive rate.  We’re pretty stocked up on water and batteries for our many heavy duty flashlights, and our cars are filled with gas.  We got seriously bit in the ass with hurricane Irene, so now these basic storm preps might seem overboard to some but are just like normal to us.  I do really hope that it is nothing more than a little rain and wind though because we really can’t afford any issues right now.

We are going to look at some baby furniture today at a baby furniture outlet store.  I’m not sure what to expect, but Abe knows someone who did buy her furniture there very recently for a great deal so it’s worth looking into.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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