Painted Matting in Frames

A new home project.  I went to Ikea last week and bought a couple white frames, which I planned on putting in our bedroom after painting the matting a different color to spice up the walls a bit.  I was looking to add a small punch of color to our otherwise very neutral home.  Turns out that these frames were actually a little too small looking in the space that I was planning on, but worked well in the hallway that leads from our front door to the kitchen.  I still wanted to stick with the concept of painting the matting, but it took me days to figure out.  First, I was convinced that spray painting was the way to go but it’s hard to find a large variety of colors of spray paint.  Since the matting is paper, you have to be really careful to not over saturate it with paint otherwise it will start to curl or bubble up.  I also thought about buying thick textured paper at an art store and cutting it down to mimic the matting perfectly, but it seemed like too much effort.  In the end, I went to my art supplies from 2004 and mixed my Liquitex acrylic paint to get a light blue.  I think Liquitex brand is the best – it’s the most expensive, but it’s incredible.  I used a small sponge brush for this because 1. it’s all I had on hand, but also, I wanted to try and avoid brush marks.  
I was really happy with the end result.  Cost of frames: $9.99 each (Ribba frames), cost of project = $20 since I already had the paint and the photos.  I wish that I could have shown a better photo for the end but that hallway is just too long and narrow to get a decent picture of.  Trust me, it looks way less empty and it was well worth the $18 and the 1 hour of crafting!  There’s nothing I can do about the eggshell walls for now since that hallway shares walls with like 3 other rooms (what do people do in those situations?) but maybe someday.

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