25 Weeks 4 Days, and eating frosting straight from the jar

25 weeks 4 days and close to 37 inches around.  I’m feeling Really pregnant.  Everything physical is harder than it used to be: walking, bending over, climbing stairs, getting up, etc.  I don’t actually feel that off balance considering that I have this massive bump right in front.  I just feel really weighed down by it and it’s exhausting.  People are treating me like a full blown pregnant lady now – the guy at Trader Joe’s assured me that he bagged my groceries really lightly, I’ve been offered seats on the subway, cookies, help carrying things, the HR department sent me an email about my maternity leave, etc.

This week – pelvic pain on my left is still really bothering me.  Walking or moving my left leg in any way gives me pain right in the crotch, but nothing I can do about it but try to take it easy.  My pelvis is expanding, so I just need to deal with it for now.  Besides that I’m feeling pretty good, not much else to complain about.

In case you were wondering… maternity underwear is totally worth it.  I got mine at Gap, but you can get them at any maternity type place.  They are looser on the waist, so I don’t have any indents from the waist band anymore.  The next thing I need is new bras, and in order to save a little money I’m just going to jump right into soft cotton nursing bras… like the ones that come in S, M, L so that I won’t outgrow them later.  Luckily for my wallet, I don’t think that I’ll need to buy the really fancy $50 nursing bras because I’m still just an A/B cup and those are really for more blessed women.  I actually don’t think that the fancy ones come in my smaller size.

I’ve been spending time on Pinterest lately to help us with nursery decorating ideas and I am actually shocked at how much I’ve gotten from it.  I never really understood it before, but I think that I’m starting to get the hang of it.  We found a decal that we really like, and I found a mobile that would be awesome.  The theme of the nursery is airplanes, and with me there is always animals thrown in there. I just love animals and Abe loves airplanes, which I do think works really well in a little boy nursery.

Until we come up with a name, the decal ordering will have to wait which is Ok because we haven’t even finished painting yet!  I never really liked decals before, but I didn’t know they could be this cute either.  Maybe tomorrow we will finish the walls at least and then next weekend we can do the ceiling and trim.  It’s a work in progress.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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