24 Weeks 5 Days, and really tired

24 weeks 5 days and close to 37 inches around… although I measured after eating a big dinner when I usually measure in the morning so it’s probably not totally accurate.  While my body still feels mostly like my own body, except for the major baby popping out up front, I do still worry about weight gain.  I know that I’m within a healthy and normal range, but the brutal truth is that it does worry me a lot.  I ordered 2 new pairs of maternity work pants and tried them on this morning… and they were the size that I ordered a few months ago which fit, but it looks like I’m going to have to size up this time.  Third trimester is just around the corner so what worked before is likely not going to work a month from now especially now that I’m carrying pretty low.  I look at myself in the mirror and can’t even recognize myself some days, and I just try to remember that I could always be Jessica Simpson – and nothing is worse than that.

I took my dog on a trail walk this morning and I actually was not huffing and puffing or tired when I got home.  I think that all of my exercise in Maui last week and then my night time treadmill walks this week have really helped – even if it seems like walking should be easy, it’s just so much harder when I have this heavy baby to take with me.  I think that I am definitely heading in the right direction with the exercise – my advice to women looking to become pregnant or who are in their first trimester would be to stay active (or at least pick it up at some point) even though it’s the last thing in the world that you want to do.  Walking actually does a lot more than one might think.

(Mia now blends in with orange-ing pine needles and foliage)

I have a doctor’s appointment this coming week – not sure if I’ll be doing my glucose tolerance screening test this visit or next visit, but I’ll be getting a flu shot for sure.  I hate the flu shot, I find it exceptionally painful while most other shots aren’t really all that bad.  I’m also making Abe get one this year because it’s important that people don’t bring any illness around me and the flu is awful anyhow.  I don’t think that I really have too many questions for the doctor this time, just 1. when do I find a pediatrician? 2. I have this weird pain on my left high inner thigh, basically my crotch, which I thought was from doing lots of breast stroke in Maui while in the pool but it’s still here so what is it?, 3. How do women put shoes and socks on at this point? haha – Ok, I’m not really going to ask this one because I think the answer is just to get some help or some slip ons.  Luckily Ugg season is coming!

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