Baby Clothes Shopping

I wasn’t really into little boy stuff previous to finding out that I was going to have a little boy… but it’s gotten easier.  I’ve basically completed my registry and that sort of stuff was hard to me just because the stuff at very baby specific places is just not really me I guess.  I’ve found cuter baby clothing and cuter baby stuff in general at other places like Old Navy and Target, which actually excites me enough to buy it… and it helps that it’s on sale and ridiculously inexpensive. 

Welcome home baby’s first super cute outerwear (Old Navy):
I love the animal stuff obviously, but only the cute animals, not the overly kind of scary ones which there are a lot of evidently.
And how cute is this little body suit thing (Old Navy), it’s definitely Abe approved I’m sure:
I did try going to a maternity/baby consignment shop yesterday just to see what it would be like, but the one that I went to was just super tiny so I didn’t have any luck at all.  I’m certainly not closed to the idea of buying used baby stuff, but maybe in my area it’s just not as easy as it sounds… which is weird because it almost seems overly populated with kids.  
I think that the baby is enjoying this online shopping binge as much as I am because he has not stopped moving for close to 2 hours.  Tiny little punches and kicks or celebrating all his new cool stuff, I’m not sure.  This family loves to shop though, that much I know.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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