19 Weeks and 4 Days: Not Flattering

19 weeks and 4 days, 36 inches around.  My stomach is way less pointy this week and more round which I attribute to my increased appetite.  I think that next week I’ll go back to the tank top, it shows everything much better than this getup… although nothing is going to make me feel any better.  I’m now totally self conscious of how I look, like: omg, is my ass really huge now?  Yes, I apparently care how I look more than I thought.  I’m really happy that I don’t feel sick anymore, but of course when one thing stops another thing starts.  I’m entering the phase where my belly is actually getting in the way.  It’s now harder to get out of bed and out of the car, for example.  I think it takes me a good 5 minutes to untangle myself from the body pillow and then sit up and exit the bed when I have to pee at 3am.

I’m tired all of the time, especially after light/moderate activity.  On Friday, I walked to the food court to buy lunch and this is like a 10 minute walk there and 10 minute walk back… and I was really tired afterwards.  After walking the dog this weekend (which now takes me longer than it used to for the same route) I’m finding that It’s hard in a way that I don’t enjoy… like I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to handle it.  Abe was planning on taking over doggie duties at some point, but it may be much earlier than anticipated.  At this point, I’m really glad that we decided not to get a second dog.

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch and my dog was standing next to me and suddenly she just flopped right down on top of my stomach – all 50 pounds of her.  I shrieked and yelled at her, and it really did hurt.  I know that she didn’t try to hurt me or anything, she just wanted to lay on top of me to cuddle or something.  Later the same day, I was sitting on the couch and she was sitting on the floor in front of me and suddenly out of no where jumped right on my belly.  Twice in one day the baby got beat up by the dog.  I’m sure that everything is fine, and these sort of things happen all the time especially to expecting mothers with small children.  For the rest of the day my belly was really uncomfortable and I kind of felt sick.  My belly is still uncomfortable today, so it may have been more than just the dog being too rough, but I’m sure it’s fine.

One thing that I typically enjoy very much is fall shopping.  I love buying new sweaters and pants and the color burgundy, etc.  This year, I really can’t buy anything like that – which is both good and bad. I mean I am still buying maternity clothes they are just not pretty or fun or nice, they are 25% off at Old Navy Maternity while being on sale already because I’m just trying to be frugal about it and like Mehh.  This year my focus is going to be boots and bags.  Yesterday I bought two new pairs of boots at Nordstrom:

These Enzo Angiolini boots are pretty awesome.  I’d like to note that this is the first time that I’ve been able to buy boots without an elastic component in the calves.  I used to run and work out so much that I guess my calves were bigger a year ago and I could never get boots to come close to zipping.  That is one perk to my extreme laziness – skinny jeans are still a challenge though.

I also bought a pair of these boots by Naughty Monkey in gray suede (the taupe is shown here).  I just think these are really fun with the small chunky heel.  Suede shoes make me nervous, but at $99 I felt they were worth the risk.

It was actually surprisingly easy to buy these shoes, they were the only ones that I tried on and I was fully expecting to try on like 30 pairs in various sizes and styles, because I’m usually that really annoying girl.  My next challenge is to find a fall work bag, my summer bag is beginning to fall apart in the straps – which is fine because it was really inexpensive from The Limited so it did it’s job.  Shopping can still be fun sometimes!

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