Harsh Realities

Pregnant Lady Stuff… the harsh reality kind:

1. I just got 4 mosquito bites in less than 5 minutes when I took the dog outside.  I’ve gotten bites every day for the past few days, I guess that I’m tastier than usual.  Abe is generally the person that gets bit more than anyone else in the room, but not anymore, I own that now and I’ve never been so itchy in my life.  Abe thinks that I’m going to get West Nile, I think that I have a better chance of winning the lottery.

2. I shared my top boy names with a coworker today, not even like a true friend or anything, just some guy that I say Hello to once in a while.  He laughed at my names, like burst out laughing in my face and was like: really?  After that experience: I’m not sharing my name choices with ANYONE until the baby is born because there is nobody in this world that can politely hide their immediate reaction to something like that.  Name discussions are Over!

3.  My baby registries are coming along nicely.  It’s so great to have 3 sisters in law, one of which very recently had her third daughter and who is also highly particular in product choices.  They have such great recommendations and experiences that I can steal.  I think that I really lucked out by skipping the whole: “walking into a Babies R Us and wanting to kill myself” thing that so many couples go through.  If you do not have a baby, then try to be realistic about how much one will cost you before it even arrives: strollers are like $500-$800 and you will need to continuously buy new ones as the baby ages, nice cribs that won’t be recalled (the ones sold at Target are often recalled) are $400-$800, the rest of baby furniture costs as much as real person furniture, and that’s just for starters.  I knew how much this was going to be, but I don’t feel like people truly understand, they think that the costs come after the baby is born.  In reality it’s both before and after.  You can’t accept hand me downs for many items due to changes in safety features and regulations, they are constantly changing, or things are being seriously upgraded so that you just don’t want that older stuff.  Remember when baby monitors were just sound and looked like a one way walkie talkie?  They are now two way and they have video screens that show you the baby while sleeping even in the dark.  Video!

4.  I gained 4 pounds when I went to Maine for 4 days: Sat – Tues.  4 pounds in 4 days!!  I’m completely and totally mortified that it’s still here days later.  I do realize that I’m growing a child in my belly, but that seems excessive and the “I don’t like to be fat” side of me is freaking the Eff out while the rational side of me is saying “it’s Ok, no big deal”.  Looks like I made up for my first trimester of eating like a tiny little bird… and actually my appetite is startlingly large right now, I’m trying to control it now that I’m back from vacation and use my head before diving into something, but it’s hard.  My body clearly wants to eat certain things even though my head tells me not to.  Example: I ate a jelly donut today.  I haven’t had a jelly donut in like 20 years, but it was just as good as I remember it to be.  I have a sudden and strong sweet tooth… and it scares me, like for real, not jokingly.  Everything about how I’m eating right now is nothing like my normal eating habits, it’s as if another person is making these food decisions…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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