Back from Bar Harbor, ME

We spent the long weekend in Bar Harbor, ME for the wedding of Abe’s best friend.  We threw a serious temper tantrum about the shitty quality of the room we were given by the usually very awesome hotel that we’ve stayed at multiple times before, and moved hotels.  It was really a pain in the ass, but worth it.  The thing is that it wasn’t inexpensive, and it was like paying for a Rolex and getting a plastic Timex, so I just let myself and then Abe freak out about it in public – whatever.  If you go to Bar Harbor, the new nicest hotel there is the West Street Hotel.  If you’re going to be a total snob about something, just make sure it’s worth the trouble!

Most of our time there was spent with Abe doing wedding stuff and me shopping by myself, or the both of us doing lots of friend oriented stuff.  I think we spent a total of 1 hour alone together the entire weekend just because there was just so much going on, and that was during a ride through Acadia and up to the top of Cadillac Mountain and back down.  We had hoped to go for a hike or kayaking, but the weather was quick to change over the weekend so decided to just keep things easy.

My appetite re-appeared during this little trip, and I may have eaten my way through that little vacation town.  I had pancakes three days in a row for breakfast – demolished, an entire plate of nachos to myself – destroyed, anything blueberry related – inhaled, and lobsters – now in their rightful place RIP.  I was actually a little bit embarrassed at how much food I was able to consume over the weekend… it’s completely out of the usual for me as a pregnant person.  I don’t believe in the “eating for two” excuse that people like to use, but I’m pretty sure that accidentally happened for a few days because everything just tasted So Good.  Abe and I are going to try and clean up our diets a bit now that we’re back in the real world!

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One Response to Back from Bar Harbor, ME

  1. Katie says:

    Cutest lobster onesie I've ever seen!

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