18 Weeks 3 Days, a discount, and an announcement of sorts

18 weeks and 3 days, 35 inches around.  Look at how pointy my stomach is, I feel like I’m carrying this baby so oddly, like it almost looks like I strapped on a fake weird belly that doesn’t look quite right!  Speaking of fake bellies, they had fake ones in Pea in The Pod’s dressing room when I was there last week… maybe so you can see how clothing fits in later trimesters?  It was like Whoa, what is that?! Also, check out my arm tan… I don’t get out much.  I’m wearing my brand new Seven for All Mankind maternity jeans, it was a really indulgent purchase but they fit really well and are very comfortable.  I had to get them hemmed, but at 5’2″ have to get all my jeans hemmed so it was a day like any other.  I’m just really happy that I was able to find these before our weekend away in Maine that begins tomorrow.  I usually walk around in regular jeans and then unbutton and unzip them when I sit down or if I’m around the house – this would not work in public!  In reality though, I’m going to need these jeans throughout my pregnancy, post pregnancy for a while I’m sure, and then if I ever decide to do this again.  It’s well worth it.

Based on my previous post, Kohl’s has offered readers 10% off their online site on anything (including maternity wear), just use the code UBLOGTEN now through October 24th, which can be used on top of other discounts.  The below link will take you to their maternity page if you’re interested for yourself or know someone who is pregnant and needs some maternity wear.


Exciting news today
We found out the gender at an ultrasound.
Ok, my symptoms/things going on/old wives tales along with the gender that usually points to:

  • Bad morning sickness = girl
  • High fetal heart rate = girl
  • Severe acne = girl
  • Carrying the baby low = boy
  • I thought it was = girl
  • Abe thought it was = boy
The second the technician put the ultrasound thingy on my belly, I saw it.  I knew right away that I was wrong and it was in fact a Boy.  I was completely shocked.  I was 100% sure that this was a girl in my belly, but I apparently have no idea what is going on!  This poses a problem only because we do not agree on any boys names… suggestions are welcome.

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