Things I know, and Many Things I don’t

Obviously I know nothing about pregnancy or being pregnant or babies.  However, at this point, I know more than people who haven’t been here yet, which is scary.  I have a few tips that may be useful to keep in mind when you get here…

  • Designer maternity jeans are worth the money once you are too big for regular jeans or the Bella Band because they will actually fit you and not make you look like a fat unkempt cow like some other maternity style jeans that have no shape or stretch.  You can find them on sale too.  Skimp on tops and other basics.
  • Spending money on facials is also worth it, especially if your skin is ridiculously hormonal like mine.  You will look better and feel better and complain a lot less.
  • There is no such thing as “Eating for two”, you’re eating for 1 plus 200 or so extra calories per day unless you want to regret it later.  
  • Just because something is “all natural” does not mean it’s safe for pregnant women.
  • Food tastes differently, it’s such a strange phenomenon, but I hear that it goes back to normal after you give birth so don’t be too upset.
  • Get as much sleep as you possibly can, feeling more rested will make everything else a little bit less miserable.
Things that I do not know, but will be able to tell you soon enough…
  • Breast pumps – I still don’t even understand them.  I’m just going to assume people don’t buy the cheap manual ones, they buy the expensive automated ones…
  • Stretch mark creams, so far I have no marks so my cream is working or I’m not prone to them.
  • How did Target know that I was having a baby?  They sent me this really awesome catalogue with cool item descriptions and registry ideas, etc.  I have not bought 1 baby or pregnancy related item at Target, I’ll figure this out someday.
  • I hear women’s feet get fatter when pregnant from water retention, and I also hear that sometimes they stay bigger.  This Terrifies Me.
  • I wonder if I’ll be able to wear heels throughout my pregnancy?
Lots more questions and answers to come I’m sure.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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