16 Weeks 5 Days

16 weeks and 5 days, just barely over 34 inches around.  Maybe I didn’t wear the best shirt for today’s photo, since it sort of blends with the wall.  I have to take my photo like 100 times because for the first few pictures I automatically try to stand up straight and like suck it in a little bit so I appear really small in the first few pics and then massive in the last few once I relax my stomach.  Mia usually observes from behind the camera, but she was feeling more brave today.

I met a new obstetrician on Friday, the office that I go to has 5 who every pregnant woman meets at least once so you are familiar with the person on call during your delivery.  I’m still really praying that I get one of the women… but anyhow, I was not at all in love with the first doctor that I saw but I really liked this one as I knew that I would.  She was young and answered questions without being annoyingly short about it like the first one.

my nutshelled questions and answers:

Is my weight normal? – Yes.
Is it Ok that I’m barely eating anything and instantly feel full after eating? – Yes.
Is it normal that my tummy hurts when I’m laying down and I put any pressure on my uterus area? – Yes, totally normal but she will monitor it.
Can I get the same pre natal vitamins in a script so that they’re free under my insurance?  – called in to the pharmacy same day.
I thought that I felt the baby move twice, but I’m not sure. – It likely was true.

The baby’s heart beat was strong and in the 160s again, so he/she is very strong and active.  I took a second trimester blood test screening for genetic stuff.  I guess it was the alpha-fetoprotein screening (AFP), but I was just sort of like: Ok, if they offer it, I’ll take it.  I don’t recall ever having a discussion about this previously, but I generally feel pretty in the dark about when I’m supposed to do things which is unsettling.

I felt really good this week.  I’m still very tired, like way more tired than a month ago but my morning sickness has passed for now.  It may be because my sleeping schedule has been all crazy due to Abe’s work schedule last week.  Hopefully we both get more quality sleep this coming week. Thai food and other spicy foods no longer agree with me which is really sad… I’ve always been really big into spicy food, but it seems like my stomach really revolts now.  My skin is looking a little better, I’ve been using Ivory bar soap and it’s funny how much better it’s been looking.  I tried: Simple, Belli, Cetaphil, Clean and Clear, and Boscia and none of those cleaners did a thing for the hormonal acne.  

I’m planning on joining a health club with a pool so that I can swim laps for exercise.  The only downside is that the pool is really the only nice part of this club, the rest of it really needs some work.  The locker room looks exactly the same as it did when my swim club practiced there when I was 12.  Also, the pool is closing down for 3 weeks so they can repaint the interior of the bubble.  It’s ok, I can wait 3 weeks.  It’s so hard to find a decent gym with a pool, why is that?  Anyhow, it would be great if I could get more exercise and gain more energy and help with my back pain and hip pain.  Maybe easier said than done…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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