15 Weeks 4 Days and Big

I don’t even know how to explain this.  I’m visibly much bigger from even just a few days ago, and it’s weird.  Maybe because my appetite is back for the most part, or maybe my uterus has moved to the higher and to the front already.  Yeah, that happens, lots of weird shit happens.  My entire belly right now is uterus and not baby for those of you who aren’t sure what is happening here.  The baby itself is only 4 inches long from head to butt.  I am 34 inches around today, which is somehow smaller than when I was 15 weeks 0 days but I’m sure it’s due to the time of day that I measured – this time was in the morning and last time was very late afternoon.

I’m finally able to think about nutrition more often.  I’ve been able to eat some veggies lately, and “some veggies” is a lot more than the 0 veggies I ate during the first trimester.  I’m trying to eat more organic and less processed, but Trying is the key word there, it doesn’t always happen.  I’ve really liked pizza a lot since I got pregnant, in a way that I never felt about it before.  However, I don’t eat it everyday or anything it’s just funny.

My lower back is really uncomfortable these days.  The funny thing is that at work, we try to get up and stretch about once per hour.  This just started about a week ago, but it really does help – everyone should try it.  Unfortunately I’m moving my cubicle at the end of next week away from all of my friends, so I will be the only person up and stretching in a different area… boo.  I’m really upset about that, about not sitting with my friends anymore not about the group stretching.

As I sat here and wrote this post, I felt something in my belly again.  It felt the same as last time, like something did a little somersault in my belly and it was only for a few seconds and then it was gone…

This week I really need to figure out some more work friendly clothing solutions.  The Bella Band is Ok, but not as comfortable as maternity pants and good ones that fit are hard to find for small money.    

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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