15 Weeks and Some Art

I was a bit reluctant to post these photos because the timing is off in a few different ways: this is the first time I took a photo right on the first day of a new week (15 weeks 0 days which is basically 3.5 months) so it’s just not consistent, and it’s at the end of the day instead of the morning like usual (and after I had a Big Mac for lunch and a giant sweet tea).  Whatever though, it’s the best I could do.  My belly looks crooked in the front photo for some reason… I wonder if it just really is crooked… yes.  I’m close to 35″ around now and hardly any of my pre-pregnancy pants fit but I’m actually not too mortified yet.  I still mostly feel like myself and I am finding that sometimes I actually forget that I’m pregnant.
My morning sickness is finally subsiding.  It’s not totally gone, but it’s improved so that I don’t want to jump off a bridge every single night.  Because of that, I’m now able to eat dinner each day, which is great.  I am still not able to eat much, but I can at least eat something that resembles an actual meal.  My acne is bad, I have a few really painful flare ups so they look bad and feel bad and it’s just ugly all around.  There’s not much I can do about it, just need to wait them out and pile on makeup.  I feel that I’m actually just as tired as I was in the first trimester, I can just deal with it better now that I’m not feeling like death.  My mood is foul in general and I am stressing out about things all the time because my work never seems to be done in any area of my life and I feel really weighed down constantly.  
The one thing that I’ve been wondering is – my belly is soft, like fat soft and not hard like I thought it was going to be.  Also, I can still suck it entirely back in… what does this mean??  Is this just a food belly?  Am I just really bloated?  These are real questions.
I had a strange sensation in my belly a few days ago while sitting on the train.  I wasn’t really sure what it was, it almost felt like I felt the baby move for a few seconds.  It wasn’t a kick or anything, it was more like it did a few somersaults or a few swimming strokes.  It could have been anything though, some women feel their babies move this early but others don’t feel anything until 20 weeks.  I bet it was gas…
My slight improvement all around is also allowing me to be more social than I was previously.  Last night a couple friends and I went to Paint Night in Boston where everyone painted a cupcake and most people enjoyed cocktails.  Behold my work of art:
Ok it’s not quite Art, but it’s probably the most creative thing I’ve done in years.  It was a really fun night, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself since I’m used to being a really sour hermit that sits on the couch and reads every night.
Here is Natasha putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece.  Her background color choice was far more creative than mine.
More real life stuff to come because I can’t sit on the couch forever… I mean I probably could.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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