A Full Weekend

Ok we finally did something fun.  Friday night we saw the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soliel and Saturday we went to the Sox vs. Twins game at Fenway – both with our friends.

The Michael Jackson Cirque was totally not what I expected at all, there was basically no Cirque-ness and it was all dancing with Michael Jackson’s music in the background.  Abe described it as a tribute to his life.  I guess I can see that, I found it very confusing at first but then it got much better.  I was really shocked at how many little kids were there, like what little kid knows Michael Jackson music?

The Sox game was great, we sat in my favorite seats in the State Street Pavilion.  If it wasn’t 95 degrees and ridiculously humid, then we probably would have been able to enjoy ourselves a bit more but it was just like all encompassing.  That didn’t stop us from eating all the good foods though.  I had a Fenway Frank, and about a pound of french fries with a giant fresh squeezed lemonade and a couple waters.  Abe kept the beers and the franks flowing.

Prior to the game when we were trying to find our friends, we were walking behind Fenway towards the Bleacher Bar minding our own business when a baseball ricocheted off of something and flew right at my head.  I’ve never been so surprised by something in my life, way too surprised to react.  It missed my head by a little bit, and then Abe went scrambling after it and we now have a batting practice baseball somewhere in the house.  I think I’ll pay a lot more attention next time I walk down that street or I’ll wear a helmet.  If I got a black eye from that, I really have no idea how I’d be able to explain it.

I ate a lot of food this weekend.  Whenever I see my friend Natasha, I’m somehow forced to eat and eat and eat until I want to explode.  My favorite food from the weekend: the buffalo chicken nachos from The Fours, and the fresh squeezed lemonade from a vendor on Yawkey Way.  Go Food!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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