Many Frustrations

I am feeling so many frustrations these days.  There is actually no part of my life right now that doesn’t annoy me.  Because this is my blog, I’m going to go ahead and give the green light to myself to unload.  If you don’t like complaining or hearing about people’s stupid problems, then feel free to direct yourself to The Puppy Cam instead.
  • I’m under appreciated and under valued by 1 person at work.  It’s not someone who I work with, those people do not under appreciate me – they think I’m awesome.  Unfortunately this person is in charge and distributes things like pay, titles, and seating.
  • Summer is half over, and we haven’t done anything fun.  Not One Thing.  There is somehow not any time.
  • We have half finished house projects, which have been half finished for over a month.
  • The dog is sick on and off with this or that.  She routinely skips meals as if they grow on trees… they do not grow on trees!
  • and CNN ruined every single Olympic result for me.  They are jerks.
  • I feel financially unsound at the moment, and having a baby growing inside of me, it’s just not a very nice feeling.  I’m sure it will pass… during bonus season!
  • I think that I’m the only pregnant woman that is avoiding deli meats… and don’t get me wrong, I would kill for my usual weekend Italian sub.  
  • We want to take a babymoon in October.  It’s yet to be scheduled or even decided on.
  • The amount of cleaning and shit I do around the house is slowly killing me.
  • The horse flies on my weekend walks with the dog are slowly eating me, and killing the enjoyment.
  • Commuting these past two weeks has been horrendous.  Last night took 2 hours to get home, it’s sort of becoming the standard.
  • My evening morning sickness seems to be subsiding until suddenly it’s not, and it’s back.
  • Acne.  All Over.
That is my list of annoyances.  As you can see, there are items that I could change but there are just as many that I can’t.  I’m really kind of sick of trying to see the bright side of things, there isn’t always a bright side.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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