Everyone Has To Eat

I’ve been off since late Friday afternoon – which is an amazing feeling.  While I had full intentions of going to the beach and taking full advantage of the glorious weather, that just never happened.  Instead we did a lot of relaxing and eating delicious foods.

Sprigs Restaurant – Acton, MA
It’s been really hard to find a decent restaurant out in the country, but we’ve finally found one.  It’s an old farm house that you would never think about going to as you drive by.  The whole experience really took us by surprise.  The inside was really cute, the staff was really nice, and the food was way better than we could have imagined.  I had a garden salad to start which tasted like it was just plucked from the garden, and portabello mushroom ravioli with braised short ribs.  Both were just fantastic – Abe was jealous of my choice. It’s on the pricier side for being out where it is, but it’s a guaranteed good meal and Abe tells me that the drinks are really strong and tasty.

India Palace – Chelmsford, MA
I really went out on a limb here… Indian food is really good, but when it’s bad… it’s Really Really bad.  I read some mixed reviews about this place, but most of them seemed positive so I placed an order for takeout and hoped for the best.  The place itself is not what I would call a Palace, it’s pretty run down, dated, and just… ugly.  Indian people were eating there though, and that’s important.  The food was amazing: chicken tikka masala, chicken vindaloo, lamb curry, chana masala, gulab jamun.  Yes, we got a lot of food… maybe just one dish too many, sometimes I forget that Indian is more filling than other take outs.  This is going to become one of our regular takeout places for sure.

Kimball Farm Seafood Shack – Westford, MA
While this place is way more than just a seafood shack – also offers an ice cream stand, petting zoo, pony rides, pitch ‘n putt, driving range, bumper boats, mini golf, and what I imagine to be a horrible production of “Cats” (Ok, I only imagine their production of Cats is horrible because that is the Only show that makes me want to tear my eyeballs out and run away screaming).  I had a big Barq’s root beer and a chicken finger platter, while Abe had the fried seafood platter.  We sat at a picnic table and chowed down wishing that we’d gone here sooner since it’s so close to where we live.  I wasn’t even close to being able to finish my meal, so bring your appetite and your patience for little kids.

Pho 88 – Lowell, MA
This is the first restaurant in Lowell that we’ve been to since living out here.  Lowell is not where our comfort zone is, but it’s right on the Chelmsford border and Pho happens to be one of our favorite foods so exceptions were made.  There is probably nothing that we wouldn’t do for a giant bowl of steaming Pho.  I was really happy with this place, it was really authentic and delicious!  I actually think that I uttered the words, “I could not be any happier with this meal”.  The noodles were great, the broth was perfect, and the waitress was really nice.  The best thing about pho is that it’s really inexpensive.  You get this giant bowl of soup for like $7-$8 and you’re totally stuffed to the gills when you leave.  Also they make a killer limeade!

This vacation of eating and napping has been awesome.  While the beach would have been nice, resting up has also been really refreshing for my tired body.  Tomorrow we’re off to a 4th of July BBQ pool party, so we’re still getting in a little fun!  One more day of vacation and then it’s back to work on Thursday : (

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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