Shaping Up

I’m trying to get back into working out a little bit… and also in the same thought – facing reality is really hard sometimes.  I used to be very in shape, and these days with our crazy schedules I’m lucky if I can get a walk in during lunch time.  It’s hard to find the time for a workout, but if I really have to try and do something this is getting ridiculous.  I’m really really soft, my stomach is really really blob-like, and my butt jiggles.  This is not what I want for myself!  I’m totally that person that gets really annoyed when people complain about shit they can change, so it’s time to just fix this ongoing problem.  I can’t control my commute, the hours of my job, the hours of Abe’s job, the cost of doggie daycare, Mia’s constant upset stomach, or the cost of life, but I suppose I can control finding 30 minutes 3 or 4 or 5 days a week to workout a little bit.

Today, I did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd and as far as weights go – my body hasn’t lifted a weight or done any strength training in at least 6 months and 5 pound hand weights were really hard for me.  I was pretty pleased that I didn’t drop dead in the first 10 minutes, but also the hardest part for me was the push up section and those were in the first 10 minutes unfortunately.  After that, the rest of it didn’t seem quite so hard… but I was completely drenched with sweat by the time it was over.  This was only Level 1 of a 20 minute at home workout dvd that I did in a t-shirt, bare feet, and my dog staring at me.  I’m way too out of shape to go out in public like this!  I’m not even kidding around about that, I need to get a little bit more respectable, like Moderately in shape or something.

I like to run / walk with Mia on Saturdays and Sundays which is about 30 minutes of activity way too early in the morning.  She is relentless when it comes to getting me out the door by 8:30am for her walk, like she Will Not Quit bugging me.  I’m going to try to extend that a little bit longer, I just need to figure out where else we can walk.  I still feel so new to this area sometimes.  We both get a pretty good workout during these sessions because of all the continuous long hills at least, I just need to step it up.  Mia isn’t really looking forward to that, but she doesn’t have a vote in this!

So look forward to reading a lot more about very moderate levels of activity from a Really out of shape girl.  I’m sure it will inspire everyone… or at least inspire people to not let themselves get to this point!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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