More Improvements

Every weekend is the same – kill ourselves doing shit around the house and feeling like we’re not really getting anywhere.  I wonder if a day will come when we actually feel like we’ve turned the corner and things are coming together.

Our new rug is finally here, we’ve been without a proper sized rug for like 5 years because we were just too cheap and lazy to find one.  It meant that I had to do a little room rearranging, but in the end it worked out nicely.  The rug is from Boston Interiors – and we have some coordinating pillows en route.

Also this week we painted our half bathroom and hung a new mirror over the vanity.  The bathroom is pretty small so I couldn’t even really get a photo in there.  The color is Polar White by Benjamin Moore (white base with a drop of purple), which I really love – it’s very clean looking with a hint of color.  The mirror is from Ikea, and in classic Laura form I forgot to take a “before” photo.  Imagine that entire wall being a very large standard square mirror.  While it’s not perfect, it’s a nice improvement.  The room looks less grungy now and has more character.

Lastly, we were able to find something to hang between these two really random lights on the office wall.  There were lots of holes and pencil marks in this area because the previous people here had this bizarre wall shelving system in there.  We are going to have to paint the office at some point… but it’s complicated because that means we have to paint the entryway, hallway upstairs, and kitchen with super high ceiling area…. so like it’s not happening anytime soon.  Until then, we just wanted a bandaid!  – Enter Ikea art – Picasso animal sketches framed in the perfect size for $30.  I know this is a really crappy photo…  imagine in between the lights in this photo – I’m too lazy to do this again.

There were only a few set backs during these projects, the biggest one being that we feel uncomfortable with replacing the bathroom vanity since the flooring in there may not line up with a new vanity and what happens then?  Do we need to get a new floor in there?  Answer: just forget it.  We’ll just skip that and figure it out later when we feel more comfortable with things like that.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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