Organic Beauty

I’m taking small steps into going organic – not with everything, not even with food, but for some reason my mind told me to go organic in the shower.  Why?  I have no effing idea but it’s really easy and it’s not any more expensive than before – it might actually be less money because the products that I’ve chosen are really easy on the wallet for the most part compared to what I used before.

The organic and awesome products that I’ve been using lately:
The rest of my beauty routine is not organic – toothpaste, mascara, and foundation.  Maybe someday, just not today.  
The cleaning products in my house are either Method or Seventh Generation.  I do understand that sometimes you just need a little bit more power so I occasionally will use a Clorox wipe or some Scrubbing Bubbles.  I also really like the Tide Pods for our laundry, and I’ve used Method in the past but I just think these are much better.
As far as food… well hardly any of that is organic or even healthy.  I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s so some of what I buy is organic, but I sometimes go to a regular grocery store and buy only conventional there.  We also like to stock up on things like coffee and rice at Costco, and basically all of that is conventional and / or horrible for us.  So the whole organic lifestyle thing for me really ends at getting ready in the morning but nobody is perfect!
I’ve been really happy with the products that I’ve been using, and I think that they really do hold up to their conventional counterparts – unlike other organic products that I’ve tried in the past.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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