Sunday Vacation Update

The end of our vacation is upon us.  Since my last update we have also:

  • Finished painting our master bathroom, transitioning from mustard (awful) to light blue.  We still need to paint the white trim, ceiling, and replace the hardware… maybe even the pink toilet.
  • Gave away a big pile of books
  • Unearthed like a thousand dandelions in the yard by the roots.  Those fork-like long tools allow you to dig the weed up by the roots so they won’t just grow back.  Obviously it’s better if you don’t allow them to get so out of control!

  • Abe cut the grass for the first time this year and man it looks so good now.
  • Took the grill out of the shed and got it up onto the deck and evicted a chipmunk.  It still needs a few parts to repair it, but it will last a couple more seasons.
  • Used washing machine cleaner – this is very minor, yet somehow I can never remember to do it.
  • Cycled vinegar and water through the coffee maker to gently clean it.
  • Turned on our sprinkler system for the year
  • Found a landscape company to come and fertilize our lawn.
  • Came up with a game plan for combating the tick problem around here – tick tubes.
We were able find time to do 2 fun things amongst the madness:
  • Dinner at a Korean restaurant with friends Friday night that was one of the most delicious Korean places that we’ve ever been to – it’s called Sapporo in Westborough, MA
  • Red Sox game with another couple in my favorite seats on Saturday – State Street Pavilion.  The second we walked in, our friend got hit with a foul ball.  His fiance screamed, I stood there frozen and I may have ducked, but I swear my life flashed before my eyes and it was a whole lot of boring.
I owe a few photo updates.  Unfortunately, I am always forgetting to do a before photo – Oh Well!
This is our new secondary sitting area in our family room – chairs and foot stools from Ikea, table from Boston Interiors but is being replaced by a round glass table also from Boston Interiors.  Previously there was nothing here… it was sort of wasted space so this is the beginning of making it work for us in a better way.  Rug, table, and window decor will all eventually be weaved in.
This is our old light fixture that hung over the island in the kitchen.  It hung flat against the ceiling, in the picture it’s standing on it’s side.  This is the epitome of hideous shit that the old owners left to us.
Our new light fixture from Ikea that now hangs over the island is a big improvement.  It was $29 and it is like a million times better than the old one, our entire kitchen instantly feels less abrasive (or less 90s anyhow).
Our old bathroom color was like a Grey Poupon, just a fancy mustard color that was applied in the most careless way possible (like it was just slapped up there for the open house or something)… it wasn’t Awful on it’s own, but it was really awful in contrast to our light yellow bedroom.  It was like looking at a really clean looking yellow and a really dirty aged looking yellow side-by-side, so it really had to go.
This is our new bathroom color and it was worth the 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of blue paint (“glass slipper” by Benjamin Moore).  It really changed the whole environment of the place.  It’s funny that the photos were taken with the old color on a dreary day and the new color on a bright and beautiful day…
Our plastic shiny gold chandelier in the dining room that came with the house was one of the most annoying things that we couldn’t wait to deal with.  Chandeliers are really expensive, so we decided just to spray paint it with ORB (oil rubbed bronze) and just make it less awful for the time being until we can find something more fitting.  It worked really well, and you can’t even see the detail of the color in the picture but it has a really lovely sheen and depth to it.
It’s still of course much too small for the space but it works well enough.
So now what?  We still have 2 more bathrooms to paint, one of which should be fairly simple since it’s the half bath and pretty small.  We already have the paint here, so maybe next weekend we can do that. Our grill is cleaned off and ready to go, minus a couple parts that we have on order.  Our deck is still missing patio furniture… but we’d like to build an actual patio so that is sort of holding us back.  We have a nice quote from a company to install hardwood flooring in our dining room, entry way, and office, but we’re going to have to think about what really makes sense…. do we really need to do this now?  It will need to be done at some point for sure but maybe not right this moment.  There is some landscaping stuff to deal with: a giant pile of wood that has been sitting there since October needs to be cut up and put away, our garden is a monstrosity that needs to be turned and re-seeded (we do have the seeds at least), our mailbox needs to be replaced or the current one just needs to be cemented into the ground before it falls over.  At some point we need to switch the basement area around (workout area and tv area exchanging spaces) but it’s not a priority, and we should have our white exterior trim looked at because it’s peeling all over the place and there is some rot as well.
Even though this vacation totally sucked, we really did get to check off a good chunk of stuff on our To-Do List.  I’m not exactly looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but I’m happy to be done with house stuff 24/7 for now.

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