Thursday Vacation Update

This vacation sucks.  It’s super expensive, and nobody here is getting a tan or taking lots of naps.  Since my last update we have:

  • Rearranged the family room 7 times, finally settling on something very similar to where we started.
  • Rearranged the office, moving it all around and all of our books out – although it currently looks like a bomb went off.
  • A fence guy came and measured our yard, showed us options, talked us to death and then told us it was going to be like $10K for a back yard fence.  We said: HA.
  • A hardwood flooring guy came, measured 3 rooms, and we just got pricing today.  We are thinking it over.
  • We bought a console table, end table, rug, and custom pillows for the family room.  It was a lot of money…way more than we really planned for.  Rugs are expensive.  I mean, rugs not from Target are expensive.  It will all be delivered at a later date.
  • Spent some time at Home Goods hemming and hawing over long fake grass.  We came home with a recycling bin, tray, and door mat.
  • Picked up seeds for our dilapidated garden, and those dandelion root removing tools… but let’s be honest – out of the 300 dandelions in the back yard, we may pull out like 50 before freaking out.
  • We have newly installed bathroom fan vents in 2 out of the 3 bathrooms that work extremely well.
  • There is now a really awesome motion sensing bright light that shines in the backyard so I can take the dog out at night and not have to bring a flashlight – and also, not almost pee my pants when small animals run across the yard and I can only hear them… scary.
  • Our master bathroom is prepped for painting and has 1 coat of primer on there.  It formerly was the color of Gray Poupon, but is going to be the color of very pale blue after another coat of primer and then 2 coats of paint (omfg, this is going to take us forever AHHH!).
It seems like a lot has been accomplished so far, but if you came into the house right now… you’d be like: What the Eff have you people even been doing all week?  There are 3 days left of this madness, but really only 2 because we’re going to the Sox game on Saturday (the only fun thing we’ve had on the menu all week long).  I don’t feel like we have enough time time to finish everything… but hopefully we get close enough to be satisfied.  This is seriously the worst vacation ever.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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