Tuesday Vacation Update

This vacation is not feeling very much like a vacation at all except for all the night time drinking.  So far on our long list of things that need to get done, only a handful of minor things have actually happened (photos to follow at the end of the week… the light hasn’t been good enough yet):

  • Ikea for chairs, a bookshelfy/organizing thing, mirror, drawer organizers, light fixtures, wall art, a window blind for the bathroom, stools, and a few little things.  We looked at their kitchen cabinet and counter top selection since we originally thought that they offered a fun and modern solution to people who need a new kitchen but can’t really afford a nice one… well, it is a much bigger headache than we were ready for.  It was complicated, and frustrating.  
  • After Ikea, we stopped by a kitchen showroom which was the complete opposite end of the spectrum offering the most beautiful solutions.  They are going to give us several quotes, but it’s likely that we will not be moving forward with that this year.
  • We replaced the most hideous light fixture in the world over the kitchen island.  I wish that I had taken a “before” photo… but it was basically a huge square glorified fluorescent light with a natural wood border.  We found a much nicer looking fixture for people who live in this century at Ikea for like $29 that doesn’t make you want to tear your eyes out of your face.
  • A hallway fixture was also replaced.  Shiny gold – you will be eradicated from this house.
  • About 100 holes in one of the guest rooms were filled and sanded.  I’m pretty sure that room used to be a jail or something.
  • We picked out and bought paint for 2 of the 3 bathrooms.  Painting needs to wait until later in the week though.
  • Abe ORBed (spray paint: oil rubbed bronze) the dining room chandelier, which was also shiny gold.  It eventually needs to be replaced, but it’s way less hideous now.
  • We’re also currently waiting for our Ikea stuff to be delivered so we can assemble tonight… they have 1 more hour to get here God Dammit.
Tomorrow is a very busy day – 
8am an electrician is coming by to discuss installing bathroom fans, a lamp post for the front yard, and a light for the back yard, maybe more… but I forget.  
10am a company is coming by to measure and give us an estimate for hardwood flooring in our dining room and entryway.  This is our second company for this, but I have high hopes.
2pm a fence guy is coming over to measure and show us solutions for our backyard.
Hopefully after that we can go look at patio furniture or deal with the sorry excuse for a garden.
All of the above was painful.  One thing that was highly enjoyable during all of this was lunch at Ikea.
I get the Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy with ligonberries, and ligonberry soda (tastes like Crystal Lite).  This meal will make you forget that you have been there for 3 hours and it will only cost you $4.  Savor this moment because the worst is yet to come with picking up furniture in the rows and bins, and then checking out of the store.  I would eat lunch there every single day if I could…

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