Vacation Sunday

We did a whole lot of this today: hanging out, laying low, and napping in a messy house.  Last night we went to a birthday party bbq so we sort of deserved a full day of nothing much.  Even in the most uneventful day, there were plenty of events.  The dog got into a scuffle with like 12 other dogs, but somehow got the blame for a bite at the dog park.  Did she really do it?  I don’t think so, my baby doesn’t bite – she punches faces and stomps on jerks… which is of course very different.

Being on vacation and all, I thought that we should at least be eating really well at home since we’re not actually going anywhere.  I ran on over to the cheapest grocery store in town and found lobsters for $7.99 per pound that they will steam for you.  Unfortunately, I had just woken up from a nap and in a sleepy fog got really confused about how big the lobsters should be… 2 pounds or 3 pounds?  How many pounds of lobsters do people like us eat?  We eat more than the average bears.  I ended up getting 3 pounders and then when the check out lady asked me if it was a special occasion, my tired self was just like: “no… I just felt like eating lobster.”  I didn’t even realize how snobby that sounded until I got home, but in my defense… I was Hungry and Tired and I meant to buy much smaller lobsters, in fact, I should have been buying hot dogs or something.

So not too far into our vacation and so far I am a pretentious snob with a vicious attack dog.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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