Vacation Starts Now

I am officially on vacation from This.  Those weird red image sticker things are just there to cover any logos that might need covering.  My cubicle doesn’t always look like this much of a disaster, but it’s just been so crazy lately that I ran out of room.  Leading up to this vacation, my work load was just out of this world (worst timing ever to take time off) but I was able to get it mostly done.  I gave a presentation to a client today that was very well received all around so everything is starting out in the right direction for once.  I’m pretty sure that the senior dude in the room with me would have given me a super high five if that was something that people did.

This vacation is one of those obnoxious things people call a Staycation.  We took this time off a while ago, so we committed to this week – yet we have no specific plans of going anywhere.  For once, we’re trying to be responsible people and not spend money on a vacation when we really need to take time and money and work on stuff around the house.

Our yard is completely mortifying.  We’ve gone from yellow dandelions to white dandelion poofs that are now blowing all over our yard.  Nothing is fertilized, nothing is cut, the hoses aren’t even hooked up yet, the sprinkler system hasn’t been turned on, and it’s just really ugly.  We are those people who can’t be bothered to take care of the yard in a neighborhood where everyone else can at least cut the grass.

It’s been months since we’ve done anything worth mentioning in home improvements.  Abe painted some trim on the first floor, but that’s really all we’ve done in the longest time yet the list is a mile long.    The list is about to get set into motion, and we better get through more than just a couple of items!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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  1. natasha says:

    I high five people

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