A run with my crazy dog

I ran today, and it marks the first time that I ran (in sneakers and outside) since September.  I ran a few times on the treadmill over the winter, but that doesn’t really count.  The weather was so nice this morning that I was able to run in tights and a t-shirt and it was completely comfortable.  I probably could have worn shorts but since it was a trail run and there a large amount of ticks here, I just played it safe with pants.

Today also marks the first run with my dog in tow.  We’ve done some very brief runs before and she did really well, so it was decided that she should become my running buddy.  One thing that she has is the desire to run, and trot right along like it’s nobody’s business.  Running kept her perfectly well behaved when we saw other people and dogs, and it kept her from smelling fun smells well into the woods.  She really loves to run and we both just need to get into better shape!  At one point she looked at me like “I might fall over and die right now, do you want to fall over and die too?”  Answer: Yes.  Yes dog, I want to die right here in this field.

We ran one mile on a hilly and rooty trail, and then did a run/walk on the trail and the road.  I was pretty much dragging her up the hill back to the house so evidently it was good exercise for the both of us even if it was only 25 minutes of activity.  Maybe next time she won’t take it out so fast… doubtful though.  I thought that this little run would totally tire her out and the second we got home she’d just want to sleep for a while.  I was wrong.  She wants to go out for another walk already.

She may have caught the running bug.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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